GMMS Chorus

All students can succeed through music...

Music can change the world because it can change people.

     -     Bono, Lead Singer of U2

Use your talents and develop your skill, to become part of that change!  Vocal music is an accessible way for most students to experience performance music in our middle school.  All it takes is your effort, energy, and excitement to “join our team.”

Stay On Top of Things is essential for success in life, and time management is an important lesson to learn in middle school.  For chorus, that means dates!  Know when each Quarterly Reflection Sheet and Theory Quiz is due, and be on time.  Also, Look Ahead...  If you can NOT attend a concert, please let Mr. W. know in writing ASAP!

Interested in Middle School Chorus???  If you are considering joining chorus, share this with your parents.  To join chorus, bring a signed note from home saying you want to join chorus to Mr. Williamson.  (7th Grade Chorus rehearses Days 1+5, during Period 7, 8th Grade Chorus is Days 3+6 during Period 7)

Concerts Count!  In addition to your “typical grades,” in a performance ensemble, success includes active performance in our class’ graded concerts.  School performances for both the 7th and 8th grade chorus are limited to the Winter and Spring Concerts. These concerts allow students to experience performance of choral music to a live audience, which is a vital part of the process.

More About Concerts and Graded Performances...

Concerts are an educational element of the choral program, where students have the opportunity to participate as both performers and audience members. The school board endorses these educational experiences, and Policy #230 governs excusable absences for concert attendance. Please add the concert dates to your family calendar ASAP to ensure your attendance.

If a student is missing from a graded performance, the student’s grade will reflect a O if an Alternative Assignment is not submitted.  Any student who misses a school concert may make up their grade points by submitting an Alternate Assignment (linked above). All makeup work must be submitted no later than one week before the end of the quarter.  It is the student’s responsibility to pick up this assignment from their music teacher (available via web link above).

Alternative Assignment Maximum Score Grading: If 1 Alternative Assignment is submitted for a missed performance, maximum possible score for that Alternative Assignment will be 100%.  If another Alternative Assignments is submitted for a second missed performance, maximum possible score for that Alternative Assignment will be 90%, etc.  These are maximum scores only - actual score is based on the quality of the alternative assignment, as scored by the accompanying rubric.  This grading procedure encourages students to attend the concert rather than submitting alternative assignments, whenever possible.

In Summary...

Middle school chorus prepares students for the experiences of singing in the high school ensembles.  Musically, students learn how to read music from the notated page and become responsible for singing their own part in the music.  Beyond the music, students are provided opportunities for performing music both within and beyond the school walls, into the local and larger community, and begin to experience the joy of making music for themselves and others.  If you have any interest in singing or making music, come join us.  All students are welcome in the music room!


General Chorus Information:

Chorus Guide

Vocal Music Syllabus

About Chorus (for new members)

Quarterly Chorus Reflection Sheets:

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Concert Assignment:

Alternate Assignment for Missed Concert

Above Left:  The 8th Grade Chorus (2009) prepares for their winter concert.

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