The Music Studio

An Overview of General Music Technology at GMMS


When I was in middle school, music class would consist of singing songs from music textbooks, or using rhythm sticks to learn about rhythm.”  

Students today are learning music by creating it, in a hands-on environment.  Using iMacs, students are notating music with Sibelius, Noteflight and, recording, sequencing, and even film scoring with GarageBand and BandLab, and eventually producing through iTunes: all the while, learning about music the way the know it, digitally.  By the end of the year, students not only have created some of their own music and MP3s, they understand digital copyright laws and how to be a responsible consumer.  Learning to live, and living to learn.”

Course Topics and Unit Essential Questions...

Course and Computer Orientation What does it take to be successful in this class?  Explain the differences in using a Mac computer.

Notation and Composition How does basic music notation assist in composing music?

Keyboarding How do basic keyboard skills aid in piano performance?

Sequencing, Recording, and Songwriting How can GarageBand encourage a young songwriter?

Musicals and Film Scoring How is a musical different than a movie with music?

Want more?  View the full course syllabus here, the Student Packet here,

     or the Digital Manual of Video Tutorials here.

Above: Students select a drum loop for the

foundation of their song.

Above: Students save their film scoring project,

for upload to GoogleClassroom.

Above: A student takes a moment to enjoy his work through the headphones!