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Composer Quizzes

Computer Orientation

Rhythm Chart

Rhythm Counting

Loop-Based Composition

GarageBand Unit Quiz

Song Form Quiz

Concept Quizzes

Sweeney Todd's Barber Quiz

Musical Eras History Quiz

On The Beat Percussion Quiz

Recording Revolution History Qz

On Key Keyboard Quiz

Instruments of Rock Quiz

Voices Quiz

Article Quizzes

Film Scoring Quiz

Student Notebook

General Music Syllabus

HW: Music Math

HW: Music Counting

HW: Treble Clef

HW Bass Clef

Class Handouts

Q1 Reflection

Q1 Theory Qz

Q2 Reflection

Q2 Theory Qz

Q3 Reflection

Q3 Theory Qz

Chorus Reflection Forms & Theory Quizzes

Q4 Reflection

Q4 Theory Qz

Music Article Book

Copyright Resources

Copyright Quiz

Broadway Trip Webquest

Other Resources

Article Summary Quiz

Video Game Composition